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Dear Doctor - Thank you for considering our services. This page offers links to:

My Services

Dr. Matthew Wilkinson specializes in orthopaedic surgery and is skilled in arthroscopic surgery of the Shoulder, Hand, Hip and Knee. He renders the most comprehensive care for a wide range of orthopaedic conditions. Dr. Wilkinson uses the latest medical technology with state-of-the-art medical facilities to provide his patients the best possible outcome.

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Patient Education Videos

Welcome to our patient education video library! Explore this section for resources on patient education animations. Our video animations provide information about various medical conditions including anatomy, symptoms, and treatment procedures in presentations that are simple and easy for patients to understand. We are happy to discuss your condition and treatment options in greater detail and answer any questions you may have. Please call our office at matthew-wilkinson-tel to make an appointment.

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Contact Details for Referrers

During Normal Hours

If you need to speak to Dr Wilkinson for any reason, please call or email the practice. The staff will provide you with his mobile number.

Please be aware that he may be operating, and hence, may not be able to answer immediately. However, he will always get back to you as soon as he can.

After Hours Contact

If you need to discuss a patient directly, please call and be asked to be put through to my mobile.

Urgent Referrals

Urgent Appointments

When emergencies occur, you can feel confident that Urgent Care is nearby. We offer a specialized service to patients who require immediate care. Urgent patients will be seen as soon as possible.

Urgent Appointments allow:

  • Quick Assessment: Quick and expert assessment
  • Clear Explanation: After the evaluation a clear explanation of your options would be given
  • Early Treatment: Optimal treatment in a timely manner can often lead to improved outcomes

Making an Urgent Appointment

We keep several urgent appointment spots each week.

Urgent appointments can be arranged by emailing or faxing a referral and marking is as urgent.

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